Sunday, 23 August 2009


One of the overarching issues identified was Trademark protection. ICANNs Intellectual Property Constituency formed an Implementation Recommendation Team to provide possible solutions to trademark issues.
Members of the IRT included trademark owners, IP lawyers, registrars and backend software providers - a list of members can be found here. Their report suggested several trademark protection mechanisms which has been commented and discussed heavily since.

Most important trademarks protection issues included was:

  • An IP clearinghouse
  • A globally protected marks list
  • A uniformed rapid suspension system
  • Post-delegation dispute resolution mechanisms at the top level
  • Whois requirements
  • Use of algorithm confusion review in the initial evaluation
On top of these issues other considerations was identified. For instance a suggestion to permit applying for more than one string in one single application (one application fee for equivalent IDN strings).

It's important to state that these are recommondations made by the IRT. Next draft handbook will show if and which suggestions has made been included in the handbook.

A summary of the public comments can be found here

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