Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ICANN board gives final approval for .中国

A brief update on the new IDN ccTLD (country code top level domain name in local script)

.中国 (".china“ or ".Zhongguo" )

On Friday 25th of June the board of ICANN approved the IDN ccTLD
(Plus the same for .Taiwan and .Hong Kong)
According to Li GuangHao, who is the Deputy Director, Dept. Of Intnl Business at CNNIC, the. 中国 will be launched in August (maybe even mid July).
The rules are planned as follows:
A) Grandfathering period for all current IDN.cn or CDNs (you need a domain name with Chinese characters in. Latin script .cn will not give you a . 中国). The registrant of these IDN.cn and/or CDNs will automatically be granted the equivalent string under ..
B) There is currently no plans for a TM Sunrise phase or any other Sunrise phases
C) It will be launched based on FCFS
D) Requirements are the same as for .cn
- Local Presence
- Hard copy application form
- Copy (sealed and signed) of Chinese business certificate
- Copy of passport/id of Chinese Citizen of the WHOIS contact person (registrant)
I will keep you posted as soon as we have official requirements/launch data from CNNIC
In case you currently have no IDN.cn, it may be a good idea to look into that. I do not know, if the grandfathering period is only for "old IDNs" registered before a certain date.
If you have a need for a trustee/local presence service, this can be arranged with trusted Chinese Law Firms, feel free to contact me if you need info/provider.

Read the official press release from CNNIC (can be google translated).

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